Hospitality management is a multi-layered system that involves different phases, and layered levels of staff working together to achieve positive results. Similar to other industries, hospitality facilities must use past data to improve processes while predicting future needs. DTS Engineering collaborates with management to solve the necessary short and long term hospitality issues.

Every restaurant, hotel, or conference center begins with a reliable structural and site design. From the initial vision, to starting a plan, and project management, our team will work with you, the facility management team and the architect to provide the best services for a facility dedicated to positive customer service.


Hospitality Engineering Services – Houston, TX.

We provide our clients with the following hospitality services:

  • Due-diligence studies
  • Civil site planning
  • Structural Design & Inspections
  • Energy Code Compliance & Certifications
  • Civil Engineering Services
  • Structural design and inspections for major renovations



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